We had an amazing team who helped us stay on track through a very challenging project, and valued me as an equal participant in the process. They care a great deal about doing things right and I trust them completely.
— Ana, Client

Andrew McHale


I have dedicated my career to the craft and process of fine building—the love of which I’ve instilled in Design Line’s approach to projects.

My years of field experience keep me focused on the quality of our work and motivate me to be in constant pursuit of the best way to build projects efficiently and effectively—to exceed the standards of our clients and colleagues.

I began my career in England, where I completed a City & Guilds Apprenticeship followed by accreditations in construction, drafting and engineering. Upon relocating to New York I worked in the field on high-end residences in Manhattan, Westchester County and Connecticut.

Balancing the big picture of each project’s trajectory with a knowledge of its detailing and site conditions, I am always happy to make myself available to brainstorm, share knowledge, advise and help.

With a deep appreciation for architects and great design, I enjoy finding a rapport with each project partner that enables us to draw on each other’s strengths and knowledge to realize our clients’ visions. Together we solve build-ability challenges and revel in executing details, remaining cognizant of cost in relation to design and site complexities.

On the job site I am able to offer clear responses and ready project information in the moment, providing leadership that keeps the project’s critical path on track while double-checking the details. I’m serious about our role, confident of our team’s skill, and proud of the work we do.

Dan Wolf

Projects | Business

For me the beauty of construction is in the journey, with a focus on process and people.

Strong, trusted relationships are at the center of my work at Design Line and, I believe, are the key to successful projects. I work hard to form enduring connections with clients, architects, designers, subcontractors and consultants, and to enrich the experience through supportive teamwork distinguished by integrity, fairness and open communications.

From an early age I developed a love of art and architecture and pursued the latter as my career. But in 2007 I took a job in construction and discovered a passion for building…and haven’t looked back since.

My architecture background gives me a holistic perspective on meeting the challenges of planning and executing complex projects, with sensitivity to the architect’s vision and a deep understanding for how to meet the highest design intent.

At the start of projects I find it indispensible to establish a road map that has the capacity to evolve as the project evolves—to keep the big picture in mind as we navigate the myriad details that come with crafting exceptional buildings.

My disciplined approach and rigor relies on a set of tools and systems that I’ve honed over the years, helping me organize and track vital information and enabling us to execute in a clear, step-by-step way.

Kirk Salanga


It’s essential to me that information is organized and at our fingertips at Design Line, especially in managing our Accounting and Human Resources. This enables me to be prompt, responsive and always current, as I support our clients with project financials, and ensure the company’s overall well-being.

A natural problem-solver and “can do” spirit, I am often sought out to advise on other issues in the office—and bring that optimism and creativity to our business and our relationships.

Previous to joining Design Line in 2009 I held positions in myriad industries and advised start-up businesses, being integral in bringing companies into better compliance and turning them into more successful enterprises. Outside the office I volunteer as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for R.A.M.P. (Recycled Aids Medicine Program).