We had an amazing team who helped us stay on track through a very challenging project, and valued me as an equal participant in the process. They care a great deal about doing things right and I trust them completely.
— Ana, Client

Andrew McHale

CEO & Founder

I have dedicated my career to the craft and process of fine building—the love of which I’ve instilled in Design Line’s approach to projects.

My years of field experience keep me focused on the quality of our work and motivate me to be in constant pursuit of the best way to build projects efficiently and effectively—to exceed the standards of our clients and colleagues.

I began my career in England where I completed a City & Guilds Apprenticeship followed by accreditations in construction, drafting and engineering. Upon relocating to New York I worked in the field on high-end residences in Manhattan, Westchester County and Connecticut.

Balancing the big picture of each project’s trajectory with a knowledge of its detailing and site conditions, I am always happy to make myself available to brainstorm, share knowledge, advise and help.

With a deep appreciation for architects and great design, I enjoy finding a rapport with each project partner that enables us to draw on each other’s strengths and knowledge to realize our clients’ visions. Together we solve build-ability challenges and revel in executing details, remaining cognizant of cost in relation to design and site complexities.

On the job site I am able to offer clear responses and ready project information in the moment, providing leadership that keeps the project’s critical path on track while double-checking the details. I’m serious about our role, confident of our team’s skill, and proud of the work we do.

Dan Wolf

Senior PM | Business Development

For me the beauty of construction is in the journey, with a focus on process and people.

Strong, trusted relationships are at the center of my work at Design Line and, I believe, are the key to successful projects. I work hard to form enduring connections with clients, architects, designers, subcontractors and consultants, and to enrich the experience through supportive teamwork distinguished by integrity, fairness and open communications.

From an early age I developed a love of art and architecture and pursued the latter as my career. But in 2007 I took a job in construction and discovered a passion for building…and haven’t looked back since.

My architecture background gives me a holistic perspective on meeting the challenges of planning and executing complex projects, with sensitivity to the architect’s vision and a deep understanding for how to meet the highest design intent.

At the start of projects I find it indispensible to establish a road map that has the capacity to evolve as the project evolves—to keep the big picture in mind as we navigate the myriad details that come with crafting exceptional buildings.

My disciplined approach and rigor relies on a set of tools and systems that I’ve honed over the years, helping me organize and track vital information and enabling us to execute in a clear, step-by-step way.

Michael Muzzatti

Lead Estimator

I love the process of building a job on paper. Interacting and working together with our project partners—architects, engineers, consultants and subcontractors—is another aspect of estimating that I really enjoy, as we strategize the best way for bringing a project to life.

This early stage of inquiry, clarification and team building is at the root of what preconstruction brings to the table, and the immense value it adds to the project design and development process.

My decades of industry experience includes practice as a licensed architect, construction project management for hotels and residential high-rises, and landscape estimating.

Looking back at the formative years of my career, my experience working in the trades was what first taught me the importance of looking for opportunities and addressing questions before things get too far down the line.

It’s important to be thorough, open, forthright and considerate of the client’s perspective in this work, and to take the time to explain project costs, fees and process. At Design Line there’s a strong culture of trust and transparency with our clients and collaborators, and everyone here is ready and willing to help with no hesitation.

Being a key part of DLC’s inspiring projects keeps me constantly engrossed and busy—with high design appeal, top designers and compelling construction challenges. It’s an exciting place to be.

Sona Mesbahi

Director of Project Development & Preconstruction

The architectural vision for each residence we build is deeply important to me. It’s my passion to bring those visions to life, using all the preconstruction tools at my disposal to set up a road map for client satisfaction.

I am skilled at picturing the whole house as it will come together and translating that into numbers. It’s critical to pay attention to and capture details as we develop the budget and schedule, to base our projections in a strong understanding of the design.

My job is to make sure we listen to our clients’ vision and values, embed them in our work on their projects, and help their teams keep them top of mind. As I get to know each client I am learning about how to build their home. We talk openly about what is most important to them in their project, and how the budget and schedule development process can support them with realistic expectations.

Establishing relationships based in mutual understanding, candor and trust is the key to everything in this work. This is the basis of Design Line’s company culture, and I enjoy forming these connections with the excellent architects, designers and consultants we work with on behalf of our clients.

I earned my BArch at UC Berkeley and my Masters in Construction Management at Cal State Hayward and am Green Building Certified. Prior to joining Design Line I held roles as a Project Manager and Director of Estimating. Drawing on all of my experience, I enjoy mentoring the next generation of women in construction to succeed.

Lisa Boucher

Senior Project Manager

Building someone’s home is a highly individualized, collaborative endeavor, and I take my role in managing the details of each residence seriously.

I’ve found that listening is the key to successful project delivery, beginning with listening to the client’s vision for the experience ahead. From this foundation I’m able to tailor a course that addresses their specific goals, and to illuminate the construction process appropriately as we go.

Though I’ve been shepherding high-end residential projects of all scales and complexities since 2001 I still look forward to learning from the unique design demands and parameters of each new project.

I enjoy immersing myself in the particular opportunities and challenges they pose, and forming close partnerships with the clients’ teams and my counterparts on the job sites.

This well-rounded outlook enables me to establish clear understandings, and to negotiate the varied perspectives of subcontractors, consultants and vendors with equanimity—to keep things on an even keel and moving forward.

The high level of transparency and efficient, communicative nature of Design Line supports this—ensuring that everyone involved has the information needed to make decisions and fulfill their roles.

Naoto De Silva


As a natural born lover of data—with a healthy obsession for logistics—I am always striving for efficiency, transparency and process improvements in my role as the fiscal officer and fiduciary for Design Line.

Mindful of the big picture and how my work shapes the company, I work closely with my trusted team to ensure DLC’s financial well-being and to deliver accurate information in service to those around me. I take great pride in ensuring our projects and clients are taken care of by providing the highest level of service in these areas.

Previous to joining the Design Line team I spent many years working with small, scrappy, start- up companies building out accounting infrastructure, building teams and creating transparency for Boards, donors, investors and owners. Among my favorite projects were helping to scale a non-profit solar venture, and working with a dynamic group to create sustainable wage jobs for workers in underdeveloped parts of the world.

Away from work I am deeply connected to the San Francisco golf community, currently acting as President for the Lincoln Park Golf Club. I am also the head coach of a local high school golf team—devoting my passion for the game to help kids develop positive life skills through golf.

Lyndsi Mackey Lintt

Project Manager, Concierge

From simple questions to complex issues, I love working with our clients to handle the maintenance of their finished homes and I take a lot of pride in managing the care of DLC’s beautifully built projects.

Providing concierge-level service means I am dedicated to ensuring that clients are fully supported as they move into and acclimate to their new homes. I draw on detailed in-house knowledge of their projects to address requests for maintenance and improvements efficiently, and to lead our skilled team in upholding the highest levels of professionalism and care.

This work brings me into contact with most everyone in DLC’s orbit, making me a central connection point for our team, subcontractors, vendors and colleagues. I enjoy fostering those relationships for the company and contributing to the overall positive spirit of our collaborations and projects.

The DLC team is phenomenal to work with and Andrew is an excellent leader. Everyone fits well together and shares great camaraderie both inside and outside of the office. It’s a place where people really enjoy working together and sharing the challenges and demands of building things right.

A native San Franciscan, I first aspired to be an interior designer and interned at notable firms in the city before earning a degree in business management with a focus on real estate and construction law. Experience in construction accounting and project management rounded out my in-depth understanding of the process and documentation necessary to ensure that projects run smoothly.

Melissa Carpenter

Human Resources Manager

My whole-person approach to HR goes well beyond the tasks of hiring, orienting and administering the DLC team. I’m here to support the employees as a sounding board and resource, and to make it as easy as possible for them to understand and use the benefits they earn.

Intuitive and responsive, I’m inspired by the human side of construction. I see how hard our field crews work and appreciate the whole team’s dedication behind the scenes, and draw on my education in social work and long experience in construction management to help. It’s important to me that everyone feels recognized and compensated for their labor and knows that DLC has their back.

DLC became the company it is today because it’s an open, compassionate, supportive place to work. It starts at the top with Andy, who really listens to his employees and is present throughout projects to help them succeed, and it ripples out through the cooperative, sincere, positive internal culture he’s put his heart into creating.

More than ever, I feel HR is a critical asset within companies—to help employees weather the serious events of our time as well as to make sure they have what they need to stay healthy, happy and productive on a day-to-day basis.

DLC Dogs