Design Line is proactive and fantastic to work with, with a broad capacity for building things well and an exceptional ability to work through the complexities of a multi-phased project. They set a positive, open tone, and collaborate on solutions in line with the overall design intent—all of which is essential to a successful construction experience.
— Michael Hennessey, Architect

Our company has taken progressive construction management to the next level with a truly open book experience. We take great pride in setting industry standards in our craft, and are focused on delivering well-executed, exquisitely built projects for our clients.

We are excited to work with clients and colleagues who value our vision for a better, user-friendly process, in which information is always current and shared between the project team members, and smart, proactive project planning paves the way for delivering on promises.

With many years of experience in the field, each person at Design Line brings a broad professional capacity and a positive, dedicated demeanor to their work—with valuable insights regarding feasibility and building performance.

Our 21st century tool belt features cloud-based project management and communication tools that use technology to bring clarity and full, real-time access to the construction process for our clients and their teams.


These secure systems are easy to use and always up to date, providing the technology and information needed to collaborate seamlessly, to enhance productivity and to regulate decision-making, quality, schedule and cost throughout the course of your project. All Design Line projects benefit from the efficiencies of these resources.


Project Management

This cloud-based construction management application is a user-friendly cache for documentation and a conduit for team sharing in real-time, accessible at a click via desktop and mobile apps. Procore’s agile, interactive organizational system greatly streamlines workflow and communications by reducing manual document handling, preparation, maintenance and tracking, and automating distribution of up-to-the-minute information.



Project Accounting

Our company’s accounting is run on Spectrum, which enables review of your budget in detail on the spot. This highly useful interface provides fast reporting with an awareness of overall budget trends, to maintain realistic expectations for the project’s trajectory as decisions are made.



Project Scheduling

Building a detailed schedule is critical to executing a successful project. By identifying each task and sub-task that lies ahead, we are able to anticipate when team members, subcontractors, vendors, consultants and items will be needed on site, and when decisions need to be made. With permits in hand, the carefully planned building schedule goes into effect, orchestrating the work as the project progresses. Real-time costs are tracked within the Microsoft Project schedule for ease of cross-referencing.

In everything we do, our team of construction professionals is focused on providing clients with the highest level of personalized service.

This service mindset doesn’t stop when a construction project ends. We understand the unique requirements of maintaining and managing luxury residences, and are committed to the care that our clients’ homes require.

DLC Concierge offers property maintenance and fine tuning with the same well-organized project management process, attention to detail and personalized services that we devote to original construction. Learn more about DLC Concierge.